Our Services

Many of our clients wish to remain in their neighborhood but need a home that better meets their needs. We will provide an evaluation and preliminary cost estimates to help you decide which approach will prove the most cost-effective option for achieving your dream home.

Regardless of the type of project, Donnellly Residential, Inc. strives to provide high-quality design and construction services to create an efficient, functional, and lasting home for our clients.

New Construction

For our clients who are interested in starting form scratch, Donnelly Residential, Inc. offers a variety of options for creating your new home. We can work with you to design and build a completely custom home from start to finish. We can work from plans you have already acquired, ready to build. Or, we can work with conceptual or stock plans to refine and customize them to best fit your needs.

Major Renovation

Modifying an existing home is a great way to expand upon what works and fix what doesn’t. Most often we will create addition space, while also performing a comprehensive updating of all systems and finishes. We do not work on occupied homes, as we specialize exclusively in major home renovations. Our renovations integrate seamlessly with the original structure, creating a new home bearing little resemblance to the original structure.